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The Protocol For Web 3.0

dWeb (Web 3.0 Overarching Protocol)

The dWeb protocol is just like the HTTP/HTTPS protocol except it is used to distribute files within what are known as "dPacks", from one peer to another. dWeb's protocol like HTTP/S's protocol is used in very similar ways where when accessing an entity broadcasted over HTTP/S, you simply address that entity with a protocol-prefix of http:// or https:// and with dWeb you access a an entity with a protocol-prefix of dweb://.

Entities hosted over HTTP/S, typically use servers, hosting providers or data centers to do so, while dWeb stores these entities on each and every peer who is accessing the entity and then chooses to host them. This eliminates the need for web hosting completely.

Although, a dPack hosted on the dWeb can utilize the dWeb protocol to bypass hosting providers and broadcast over HTTP/S quite easily. Within dWeb University, you can learn more about Pointing TLDs to dPacks.

dWeb offers many opportunities for people of all kinds and even companies who seek to use decentralization's greatest perks in transparency and user privacy as selling points for their products/services.

Torrent-Based Technologies

A lot of the technologies that dWeb utilizes were born over a decade ago, within torrent networks, where media files were distributed peer-to-peer. As a community of developers furthered this idea, Web 3.0 was born where applications that utilizes p2p (Peer-to-peer) databases, could be distributed within dPacks from peer-to-peer as well.

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The Protocol For Web 3.0

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