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There are many tools for the dWeb or as many refer to it - Web 3.0. With all sorts of censorship across the web happening on a daily basis, major internet/telecom companies gaining more and more authoritarian controls over our lives on a daily basis and governments around the world, feeling as if they have the authority, to rule over innovation and our ability as a community of innovators and freedom-lovers, to vision the future for not only ourselves but also our children and their future families. The future of the planet is in our hands and Web 3.0 certainly puts us back on the right track after many years of authoritarian control. In reality, we see Web 3.0 not only as a blueprint but a footprint, a foundational piece to a futuristic puzzle that eliminates not only authoritarians but also keeps everyone honest, open, free and happy.

So before we get started, I think it's important to go over the pieces of the dWeb aka Web 3.0 and break each and every piece down to users who will be using it moving forward, so you can get the most out of it. Did we create all of this? Well, I put it all together, we branded it and we researched the best decentralized technologies we could find and put them into one connected and completely open ecosystem that nobody controls and I did it all, under massive government scrutiny but I did it for you. So I hope everyone can expand this vision onward and continue to push on for a better and brighter tomorrow. We shouldn't need a Web 4.0, the third time is always a charm.


Jared Rice Sr.

Updated about a year ago

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Learn about the parts of the dWeb and where your aspirations and dreams fit in.

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Getting Started With The dWeb

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