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dWeb Glossary

With the dWeb, like most new things, there are some new words and lingo to describe the technologies and entities involves around it and within it. Below is a list of those, along with their supporting definitions. I try to keep it simple, let me know if it is simple enough for you to understand!

dWeb Definitions

  • Seed/Seeded/Seeding - the process of distributing someone else's distributed web entity to other peers on the dWeb.
  • Peer/Peered/Peering - is like seeding, where a peer distributes the distributed web entity of another peer.
  • dBrowser - is a web browser for the distributed web.
  • dSite - is a website or a webpage seeded to peers on the distributed web.
  • dApp - is a distributed application on the distributed web.
  • dDatabase - is a distributed database use within dSites and/or dApps on the distributed web.
  • dDrive - is a distributed hard drive, where multiple folders and filesets are contained in a single dPack.
  • dVideo - is a distributed video or motion-based multimedia peered on the distributed web.
  • DAO - is a decentralized autonomous organization. that nobody operates or controls.
  • DAB - is a decentralized autonomous bank, that nobody operates or controls.
  • dPack - is a distributed entity on the distributed web. Can be a dSite, dApp, a set of files or a single file.
  • Flock - is a gathering of peers around any distributed entity or media on the distributed web.
  • dWeb MetaData - is very similar to how HTML metadata used by the HTTP protocol to identity what a website is, except for the dWeb. Uses a "dweb.json" file to store a dPack's title, description and other relevant information.
  • Revelation - is the process of finding a flock of peers or a single peer around a distributed web entity.
  • dDNS - is otherwise known as "Distributed DNS" or distributed domain name system, is used to retreive top-level domain records, that point to a dWeb-based entity.
  • dBank - is a DAB (distributed autonomous bank) protocol that is built around the DWEB protocol as a decentralized financial toolset.
  • dSocial - is a distributed social network like Facebook on the distributed web.
  • dStatus - is a distributed social network like Twitter on the distributed web
  • dTunes - is a distributed music streaming service like Spotify on the distributed web

dWeb Glossary

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