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A dWeb compliant encoder for encoding a list of IPV4 peers to buffers.

npm install @dwdht/peers


var dWebCodec = require('@dwdht/peers')

var dWebBuffer = dWebCodec.encode([{
  host: '',
  port: 8080
}, {
  host: '',
  port: 9090

console.log(dWebBuffer) // 12 byte buffer
console.log(dWebCodec.decode(buf)) // the peer list


var dWebBuffer = dWebCodec.encode(peerList, [buffer], [offset])

Encode a list of IPV4 peers into a buffer.

var dWebDecode = dWebCodec.decode(buffer, [offset], [end])

Decode a buffer into a list of peers.

var dWebLen = dWebPeersCodec.encodingLength(peerList)

Returns the amount of bytes needed to encode the peers into a buffer

var dWebIdLen = dWebPeersCodec.idLength(idByteLength)

Create a new @dwdht/peers decoder that encodes/decodes a fixed size peerId in addition to host/port. The peerId is exposed as the .id property on a peer object.


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