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Low level implementation of the KRPC network layer that the BitTorrent DHT uses.
Mostly extracted from the bittorrent-dht module on NPM into its own repo.

npm install @dwdht/krpc-socket


var rpc = require('@dwdht/krpc-socket')

var socket = rpc()

socket.on('query', function (query, peer) {
  socket.response(peer, query, {echo: query.a})

socket.bind(10000, function () {
  var anotherSocket = rpc()
  anotherSocket.query({host: '', port: 10000}, {q: 'echo', a: {greetings: 'martian'}}, function (err, response) {
    console.log(response.r) // prints {echo: {hello: Buffer('world')}}


var socket = rpc([options])

Create a new @dwdht/krpc-socket. Options include:

  timeout: queryTimeout, // defaults to 2s
  socket: optionalUdpSocket,
  isIP: optionalBooleanFunction

socket.send(peer, message, [callback])

Send a raw message. The callback is called when the message has been flushed from the socket.

var id = socket.query(peer, query, [callback])

Send a query message. The callback is called with (err, response, peer, request).
You should set the method name you are trying to call as {q: 'method_name'} and query data as {a: someQueryData}.

The query method returns a query id. You can use this id to cancel the query using the .cancel method.


Cancel a query. Will call the corresponding query's callback with an error indicating that it was cancelled.

socket.response(peer, query, response, [callback])

Send a response to a query. The callback is called when the message has been flushed from the socket.

socket.error(peer, query, error, [callback])

Send an error reploy to a query. The callback is called when the message has been flushed from the socket.


Integer representing the number of concurrent queries that are currently pending.


Destroys and unbinds the socket

socket.bind([port], [address], [callback])

Call this to bind to a specific port. If port is not specified or is 0, the operating system
will attempt to bind to a random port. If address is not specified, the operating system will
attempt to listen on all addresses.

If you don't call this a random free port will be chosen.

socket.on('query', query, peer)

When a query is received a query event is emitted with the query data and a peer object representing the querying peer.

socket.on('warning', error)

Emitted when a non fatal error has occurred. It is safe to ignore this.

socket.on('error', error)

Emitted when a fatal error has occurred.


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