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dPack Secret Key Storage


npm install @dpack/secret-storage


Return for the secret_key storage in dDrive/dDatabase. To avoid local ownership conflicts, pass the local directory as the first argument. @dpack/secret-storage will check for a non-empty ownership file in the source directory storage.

var secretStore = require('@dpack/secret-storage')

var storage = {
  metadata: function (name, opts) {
    if (name === 'secret_key') return secretStore()(path.join(dir, '.dpack/metadata.ogd'), opts)
    return // other storage
  content: function (name, opts) {
    return // other storage

// store secret key in ~/.dpack/secret_keys
var vault = ddrive(storage)


secretStorage([dir])(ownershipFile, opts)

  • dir: directory to store keys under dir/.dpack/secret_keys. Defaults to users home directory.
  • ownershipFile: non-empty file that denotes ownership. This helps avoid local ownership conflicts of the same dPack.

dPack Secret Key Storage

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