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dDNS Desktop Installation

Yea, automated is so much easier...

We know, automation is king. Who would want to do something manually when it can be automated? That's why we forked an awesome app built by the OpenNIC community and adapted it to our distributed DNS network, so we could get this automated Web 3.0 party started. To get the latest release of dDNS Desktop go here. You will find the latest releases there and a you will surely find your operation system, since dDNS Desktop is available for MacOSX, Windows and Linux.

Instructions After Downloading

  1. Download for your operating system. Remember .dmg is for MacOSX, .AppImage is for Linux and .exe is for Windows.

  2. Double click the icon and follow the installation process.

  3. Upon opening dDNS Desktop, you will notice the DNS settings are not enabled automatically but you can instantly turn them on by selecting the option to do so.

  4. Once steps 1-3 are completed, you have now officially joined the Web 3.0 party.

Test To See If It Works

Go to any web browser and type in test.web3. If a webpage pulls up that says . "You have joined the party!", then you really have, joined the party. Congratulations.

dDNS Desktop Installation

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