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dDrive Transfer

Import the contents of a folder into a dDrive, and optionally keep watching for changes.


const ddrive = require('@ddrive/core')
const memdb = require('memdb')
const dDriveImport = require('@ddrive/transfer')

const drive = ddrive(memdb())
const vault = drive.createVault()

dDriveImport(vault, 'a/directory/', err => {
  // ...


$ npm install @ddrive/transfer


dDriveImport(vault, target, [, options][, cb])

Recursively import target, which is the path to a directory or file, into vault and call cb with the potential error. The import happens sequentually. Returns a status object.


  • live: keep watching
  • resume: assume the vault isn't fresh
  • basePath: where in the vault should the files import to? (defaults to '')
  • ignore: anymatch expression to ignore files

To enable watching, set live: true, like this:

const status = dDriveImport(vault, target, { live: true }, err => {
  console.log('initial import done')  
status.on('error', err => {
  // ...  
// when you want to quit:

If you want to resume importing an already existing vault, set resume: true. This module then checks a file's size and mtime to determine whether it needs to be updated or created.

If you want to import into a subfolder, set basePath:

dDriveImport(vault, target, { basePath: '/some/subdir' }, err => {...})



  • error (err)
  • file imported ({ path, mode=updated|created })
  • file skipped ({ path })


  • fileCount: The count of currently known files
  • totalSize: Total file size in bytes

dDrive Transfer

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